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General Terms and Conditions for competitions

For participation in Resulos competitions

1. Scope

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter »GTC«) apply to participation in online competitions and raffles by Resulo.

1.2 The participant can call up these GTC under the “GTC” link available on every competition website operated by Resulo.

1.3 Notices to Resulo will be sent to the following email address:

2. Participation

2.1 All persons who are at least 14 years old at the time of their participation and who have their permanent place of residence in Germany are eligible to participate. Participants under the age of 14 require the express consent of their legal guardians to participate in competitions.

2.2 Legal representatives and employees of Resulo and the prize sponsors and/or advertising partners or event partners involved in the competition (hereinafter “cooperation partners”) and their relatives as well as organized competition sites/clubs or similar and their members are exempt from participating excluded.

2.3 Multiple entries (manual or automated) are excluded from the raffle.

2.4 The winner will be personally notified by Resulo via email.

2.5 Resulo has the right to disqualify participants without giving reasons or to exclude them from future participation in competitions. In particular, if they violate these Conditions of Participation or disrupt and/or manipulate the course of the competition in any way, in particular technical processes, or try to do so and/or otherwise unfairly try to influence the raffle.

2.6 Participation and the chances of winning do not depend on the purchase of goods or the use of paid/free services from Resulo or the consent of the participant to receive information about products and offers from Resulo.

2.7 The winner is no longer entitled to the prize, i.e. the prize will be forfeited if the winner cannot be reached at the email address he/she provided within 2 weeks, he/she does not respond within 2 weeks after sending the prize notification or the prize notification is undeliverable.

2.8 Legal recourse and payment of winnings in cash are excluded.

3. Liability

3.1 Resulo is not liable for incorrect information caused and disseminated by participants and/or third parties, including Resulo’s cooperation partners, and which is related to the sending of information about the competitions. In particular, Resulo assumes no liability if e-mails or data input (e.g. in online entry forms for the competition) do not meet the technical requirements set out in these GTC or the technical requirements set for the website and as a result are not accepted and/or accepted by the system.

3.2 Resulo is not liable for offers from third parties, in particular not for those from Resulo’s cooperation partners that are or were advertised on the competition platform. Resulo does not guarantee that all links and references made in the context of the competition to content external to the competition website are correct or complete.

3.3 Resulo does not guarantee that the competition service or the respective competition website is available at all times and can be accessed by the participants or is free of errors in terms of content or technology.

3.4 Resulo reserves the right to end a raffle early and without notifying the participants and to cancel the raffle or close the raffle website if external disruptions or technical problems prevent the raffle from running safely and smoothly can be guaranteed.

4. Advertising Measures, Consent

4.1 The participant gives his/her consent in a declaration separate from these GTC that his/her details may be used by Resulo for advertising and marketing purposes. For this purpose, advertising materials and information relating to Resulo’s products and other offers or services may be sent to him/her via e-mail. This also applies if the participant has expressed to other advertisers active on the market that he/she does not want advertising to be sent (e.g. by postbox sticker “no advertising”). Resulo can commission third parties, including third-party companies, to send the information.)

4.2 The participant can revoke this consent at any time by sending an email (to to Resulo. The revocation is independent of the participation in the competition and has no influence on the raffle.

5. Data protection, right of withdrawal

5.1 If the participant does not give his/her additional consent to the further processing and use of the information he/she provided as part of the participation in the competition, including his/her personal data, these will be used exclusively for competition purposes (in particular the implementation and evaluation of the competition and the determination of of the winner) stored, processed and used electronically in machine-readable form at Resulo. If a cooperation partner is involved in the competition, Resulo reserves the right to pass on the winner’s data to the cooperation partner for the purpose of distributing the prize (in particular to send the prize). In addition, the data of the winner will be passed on to the responsible public authority for accounting purposes within the framework of the legal requirements. Resulo only stores the data for as long as necessary and permitted by law.

5.2 Resulo informs the participant in a separate data protection declaration about the use and exploitation of his/her personal data that may go beyond the evaluation of the competition. The participant must expressly agree to such collection, processing and use of his/her data in advance by means of a separate declaration.

5.3 When collecting, processing and using personal data of the participant, Resulo observes the applicable data protection law. The participant can revoke his consent to the storage and use of his data at any time by email (to With the deletion of the data, participation in the raffle is excluded.

If deletion is contrary to statutory retention periods, the data will be blocked for further use at your request for deletion – until the obstacle to deletion is removed.

6. Notes and conditions for competitions on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok)

6.1 In addition to these GTC competitions / data protection regulations, the relationship between the organizer, the participant and the social media platform is determined by the conditions of participation of the respective social media platform and the data protection rules of the respective social media platform: The participants cannot assert any claims against the respective social media platform that arise in connection with the use of the competition application or participation in the competition.

6.2 The participants acknowledge that neither the competition application nor the competition is in any way sponsored, supported or organized by the respective social media platform or is in no way connected to it.

6.3 All information and data provided by the participants through the use of the competition application or in the competition or collected by them will only be provided to the organizer and not to the respective social media platform.

6.4 All inquiries and information regarding the competition are to be addressed to the organizer and not to the social media platform.

6.5 The participant assures that content uploaded by him/her, or content on content linked or embedded by him/her, does not violate applicable law. In particular, the participant assures that the posted contributions do not contain any insults, false facts, competition, trademark or copyright infringements. A check by Resulo does not take place.

Resulo is not liable for the above violations, the liability lies solely with the participant. The participant releases Resulo from all third-party claims asserted in this context.

7. Final Provisions

7.1 Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions must be made in writing in order to be effective. The same applies to the waiver of the written form requirement.

7.2 If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid and/or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected.

7.3 The place of performance and jurisdiction is Saarbrücken, insofar as an agreement on this is legally permissible. Resulo reserves the right to prosecute the participant at his/her place of residence and before any other competent court in Germany or abroad.